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You will need to have photos whether you attend an audition or submit via online
Please keep in mind the following points when you take your photos.

have a good rest the night before. Allow enough time to get to your photo shoot so
you are not rushed or late! It is important for you to be comfortable, calm and positive;
Express your personality. It should be appropriate for your age range

Make sure your clothes are in good condition because the camera sees everything.
Your clothes should fit well and make you feel good. Avoid patterns, oversized clothes
and Hawaiian shirts, Select fabrics that move well on your body. remember, simple is best.

Colors are important. For black and white photos convert your mind's eye into black
and white. Colors like pale yellow will photograph white. Medium shades of color will
photograph gray, dark colors like army clothes will photograph black.
Avoid white completely. For actors and actresses at least for one shot wear black for
theatrical shots as it has a more dramatic look. Contrast clothing to your hair color.

Keep it to a minimum, Women could select classic jewelry Avoid hats and
costume jewelry unless it is for a character shot, hair adornment out.
DO NOT pay and spend a lot of money on fancy pictures no mater tell you.
Take the following 4 shots
1. Full length body
2.3/4 length body
3. One head shot without a smile
4. Close up of the face with a smile
Preparing for the part:
Read the script. Study it. Find every single detail about the character you will
be auditioning for. Focus on who the character is. How old is he? Where is he from?
How does he feel about the other characters in the story?

Before the Audition:
When dressing for an audition, it's best to dress according to the type of character
you're trying out for, You should warm up for an audition just as athlete warms up
for competition

Show time:
Forget that it's an audition and do the scenes "naturally".
Be aware of the camera frame. Is it a tight head shot waist up, etc;
don't see the Casting Director as a threat. They want you to be the best person for
the role because it means that their job is done.
And most important ... have confidence.
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